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Lemon Cream Soap Bar (4 oz)

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Crisp Lemon scent brightens your mood! Antiseptic, Anti-fungal qualities in this Lemon Cream Therapeutic Soap Bar. Filled with dried calendula and chamomile petals, lemon zest and crushed apricot seeds throughout. This Luxury Collection Soap lathers rich, leaving skin clean and sloughed. Do not use if you will be in sunlight after use. Lemon can cause an unwanted photosensitive lightening effect if used in sunlight.

Soap Base: Goat Milk
Color: Deep Yellow, Creamy blend
Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Goat Milk blend, Tea Tree Oil
Added Oils: Vitamin E, Coconut and Argan Oils. Lemon Oil scent.
Suspension Solids: Lemon zest, Crushed Apricot Seed exfoliants, crushed chamomile and calendula flowers blend.
Benefits: Wonderful skin lightening effect when used mildly. Alleviates excess oil and sloughs off dead/dry skin.
How to Use: Lather and use as normal. For exterior use only. Use lightly on face and forehead to remove excess oil, and rinse thoroughly. Air Dry between uses for longer lasting soap bar. Do not leave in shower or sitting wet, as this will promote the breakdown of the soap. There are no artificial "hardening" chemicals, so simple air-drying between uses will ensure a long-lasting soap bar.
*Caution: Lemon can cause a skin-lightening/photosensitive effect when exposed to sunlight. To avoid this, use in the evenings or when you will stay indoors longer after use.

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