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After nearly 30 years as a Minister of the Gospel, unsatisfied and unfulfilled with the vast majority of modern Bible stories in film, Sandra Cerda is breaking ground in the Arts & Entertainment Industry.  Her first book/film/products project, The Mary Magdalene Project, centers on the Bible-based, historic account of Mary Magdalene.
A narrative novel, quickly entering Pre-Production in film development, Sandra has cultivated decades of knowledge of the Bible having also gleaned from many pioneers in the Christian faith.  A writer of curriculum, Sandra has included the priceless resource of a Mary Magdalene Study-Guide to accompany the book version.

For more on where we are in the film's progress and how you can Join this Force, see www.MaryMagdalene.Film and Subscribe to our E-Newsletter.

Read Probe Media Global's report on Sandra Cerda's Mary Magdalene film.

Sandra received her Ordination into the ministry by the laying on of hands through John Osteen, Lakewood Church in Houston in the early 90's. She is both an Author and Publisher, having contributed to multiple media platforms over the years. Her monthly contributions can be found with local and international media outlets in newspaper/magazine, radio, television and online.


She began her work in commercial print modeling/television and in music videos at popular Houston venues. In the eighties her work included spokesperson/model for make-up commercials, national swimsuit magazines, boxing clubs, & fitness gyms.

Unprotected, overexposure to ultra-violet lights, tanning and ultimately a severe addiction to hard drugs culminated in the loss of a local major competition.


Undetected, was her battle with severe major depression.

A single mother of three with two in diapers and no tapped resources, assistance or support, her career was interrupted when sickness covered her body.

After 30 months of severe deterioration, she ended-up at a church that believed in miracles. She was disconnected, lost and undone without God, but God had a plan!

She founded and pastored New Life Ministries in Rosenberg and Richmond in 1995 along with her husband, until Hurricane Rita and Katrina forced them to house and shelter 300+ evacuees for nearly nine weeks leaving the church struggling to recuperate funds from FEMA for a year. Spiraling through a land-grab deal with their bank, the Cerda's surrendered the nearly 8 acre, 15,000 sq. ft. facility and reorganized the non-profit church/charity organization to include
Filmmaking, Media and Publication.

Today, as a public speaker and minister she works to bring that same miracle-working power to people struggling and suffering as she did; her message of Life and the Healing Power of Forgiveness continues to usher-in great moves of the Holy Spirit,
in her Texas Crusades and wherever she speaks.

For more on her story with Sexual Abuse, Assault, Incest and Rape,
her bout with major depression, deliverance from the occult and more, get your copy of her personal testimony, Incest: The Curse of Destruction... Reversed!


Sandra is available for Public Speaking, Personal Ministry, Consulting and Publishing. Her personal testimony as well as her authored work are available
on Amazon worldwide.  Her topics include Bible-based Dream Interpretation,
Spiritual Warfare, Devotionals and her first Historic Novel/Film Project on the life of Mary Magdalene.  See, www.MaryMagdalene.Film for more!


Welcome to the Art Store for
The Mary Magdalene Collection!

Commissioned Custom Pencil-Sketched Art fill the pages of the book,
Mary Magdalene: A Historic Novel
the wonderful life's story of one of Scriptures most intriguing, mysterious women healed by Jesus,
Mary Magdalene.  

Wall Art, Mugs and More!

New products added monthly!

Support this Book/Film/Products Project now nearing Pre-Production.
All proceeds further the mission to Produce quality Faith & Family based films! 
Subscribers get BTS look at new Products in Development!


Thank you for your Support! 

 Mary Magdalene Collection!

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Proud Sponsor of

The Tony Santos Memorial

Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient

Sandra Cerda's father passed away June 2020.


This Memorial is established to honor him.

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